Leaving a Legacy of Love for Others

Ken and Greg are two faithful church members of Rim View Community Church in Star Valley, AZ. Despite being in their seventies, their lives are filled with purpose and activity. Greg, 75, was raised in a Christian home and came to know Christ as a child. He was a public-school music teacher and holds a master’s in music from ASU. Greg also referees every sport at the high school level! At the church, he plays the piano and drives the bus for the youth and children. Ken, 73, became a Christian upon retirement. He worked on the railroad his whole life and taught safety for the Southern Pacific Railroad in southern Arizona. Ken is also an avid hiker who has hiked the Grand Canyon three times. To serve his church, he helps out every week in ARMOR, a life skills ministry for boys that encourages them to follow Jesus.

This past summer, the church’s youth attended a kids’ camp that many other ABCS partner churches participate in. When Ken and Greg heard that the camp needed male counselors, they joyfully volunteered. That whole week, these two energetic retirees were roommates with several rambunctious boys. They walked the hilly campgrounds over and over and ran the “canteen,” which is the camp’s snack bar. Throughout the week, they showed these boys that Jesus loves them and wants them to follow Him. Ken and Greg also took the time to pray for each of them

Both men had powerful testimonies to share with their church about their week at camp. Ken passionately shared about all God had done at camp with his Bible study group. The Bible study teacher happened to have a fatherless grandson that attended and was moved by Ken’s testimony. Greg was also able to share about this amazing week with the praise team. He said that it was physically tiring, but a great week spiritually.

Summer camp is a one of a kind experience. Not only do kids love it, but so do the “big kids” like Ken and Greg. Part of Pursue Life Adult Ministry’s goal is to guide aging adults towards leaving a lasting legacy. Ken and Greg sacrificed a whole week to teach the next generation the importance of following Jesus. It’s certainly a lot of work and requires some juggling of one’s normal duties and activities. In spite of these challenges, God works in mighty ways through a servant’s heart. When God makes known a need, how faithful are you to respond? What if the call is to go to kids’ camp for a week and hang out with a bunch of high-spirited boys and girls? That’s what Ken and Greg did. Pastor Dave Barber of Rim View Community Church shared: “From a Pastor’s perspective, I must say both these guys are every pastor’s dream. If there is a need in the Body of Christ they will give whatever necessary to see that it is met. They are true Kingdom servants!” We thank them for their example of being faithful to go where God leads!