How do I book a reservation?
There are two options for booking your trip: 1) register online and receive secure payment instructions, or (2) call (602) 346-2326 to request a registration form via mail.

Do I need a passport?
Yes, a passport with an expiration date at least six months after the return date is necessary.

What is the reservation deadline for group rates (the latest I can book)?
August 3 is the group deadline. After August 3, passengers will pay the regular booking price on day of payment.

Who can book a reservation?
In most cases, the person named on the credit card must be the one who gives verbal authorization of the transaction.

What are my payment options? 
Check and credit card.

Will my credit card be automatically charged for any payment?
No, only those payments which you consent to.

I am traveling alone and I would like a roommate. How does that process work?
Call Mona at (602) 346-2326 to request a roommate. You’ll be placed on the “roommate waitlist” and called when someone else requests a roommate. No deposit will be made until a roommate has been secured.

Can I book through another travel provider?
All travel arrangements are made through Pursue Life and CruisesInc.

If I make a reservation and find that I cannot go, what is the cancellation process?
It is recommended that you purchase trip protection insurance within 20 days of your deposit and follow the instructions from the insurance company. For trip protection, contact service@missionsafe.com or call 800-682-3461 and reference Pursue Life for personalized service, quoting and enrollment. Click here to read frequently asked questions.

Are there baggage limitations?
Yes, each airline has a baggage policy. If needed, you will be asked to pack project supplies.

What are the physical requirements
Due to the nature of the mission work on the islands, all participants must be mobile without requiring the assistance of another person.

What else should I know? 
Participants will be asked to sign a (1) liability waiver in case of an emergency, and (2) release giving Pursue Life Ministry permission to use photos and videos captured on the trip. The liability waiver will be mailed to customers that have been chosen to pay by check.