Grand Canyon Creation Tour

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Are you looking for some adventure? Make plans now to be a part of an exciting opportunity to enjoy the Grand Canyon Creation Tour on Saturday, September 28, 2019. A luxury bus will pick up the group at the designated location early in the morning. Then Russ Miller, author and founder of Creation Evolution & Science Ministries (CESM), will lead us on the tour! He will share his expertise about the rapid formation of the chasm and the overwhelming evidence of the biblical global flood. At the canyon, you will be shown original creation rock and judgment layers which were laid down during the flood. During his on-the-rim-talk, Russ will also point out the mile-deep layers of sediments which have been removed from above the canyon’s rim. As Russ explains the geology, he will also point out the relevance of the Grand Canyon to the authority of God’s word. Participants will talk about this trip for the rest of their lives and will indeed have a new perspective as they share the Gospel with family and friends.

Seat(s) must be purchased in advance through Pursue Life Adult Ministry

Early bird pricing – $90 | Pricing after 09/01/19 – $100

Contact Mona McDonald at
or (602) 346-2300 for more information.