You're Invited!

Dear Friends, 

Extraordinary experiences bear repeating. That’s why my husband, Mitch, and I plan to return to the Caribbean this spring with Pursue Life Adult Ministry (PLM), to experience again the blessings and adventure of traveling with a purpose. Mitch and I have traveled with a purpose for many years and now we’d like to invite you to join us and others on the 2020 PLM Travel With a Purpose Mission Cruise. Our purpose is to help our island friends in the Caribbean recover from the havoc of past hurricanes still affecting them some three years later. For the fourth year, PLM will assist in island recovery as well as other ministry projects. Together as a team we will seek to bring the love, hope and care of Jesus Christ to those who are hurting and worn out from life’s storms. This is a great experience for the first timer to help remove fears or concerns about participating in a short-term mission trip due to issues related to food, sleeping arrangements and/or travel limitations. You’ll be surprised how those fears and concerns can be wiped away through this type of a mission trip. For those experienced missionaries, this is an opportunity to encourage and serve in a new way using your unique gifts.

So come along with us! I can’t imagine a better way to explore God’s creation, and love on His people who are weary and hurting.


Mona McDonald
Vice President, Pursue Life
A ministry of Arizona Baptist Children’s Services & Family Ministries focusing on adults 50 years and older