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Alzheimer's Association

The Alzheimer’s Association provides insight into the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's; what to look for and what to do if you notice these signs.

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Depression and Suicide

Read about understanding and treating depression. Focus on the Family provides this article on treating and understanding depression in the elderly with the added perspective of offering the hope of Christ.

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Maintaining Relationships

Focus on the Family provides this article series on grand-parenting and some good ideas on maintaining relationships with grandchildren who live far away.

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Fall prevention

National Council on Aging provides important steps to prevent falling. Practice in your own home and share with your family and neighbors.

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What Not to Say to Your Aging Parents

Eight common things we often catch ourselves saying plus suggestions for less hurtful ways to say them.

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Boomers In Retirement: The Greatest Giving Generation?

A fascinating new study from Merrill Lynch and the Age Wave research firm (Giving in Retirement: America's Longevity Bonus) predicts that boomer retirees potentially will give the equivalent of $8 trillion through charitable donations and volunteering over the next two decades. The longevity bonus is the demographers’ term for the population's increased life expectancy.

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Kids and their Grandparents

Grandparents are needed today more than ever — not only to support fatigued parents, but also to be trusted allies who provide a much-needed sense of stability, security and unconditional love to kids, whether those kids are 2 years old or 18. Find a few “first steps” that can help you build strong relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. Read this article from Thriving Family for tips on nurturing these special relationships.

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Baby Boomer Church Involvement

"The key to enticing baby boomers to volunteer is to tap into their passions... And congregations must recognize and respect that boomers prefer short-term commitments, rather than signing up for a multi-year stint."

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What to Avoid During Estate Planning

Effective estate planning can save your loved ones and family a lot of heartache. If done poorly, it can create a mess. Read about nine things to avoid during estate planning.

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The Power of Playing with Your Grandchildren

Discover how play fosters social skills, cognitive growth, emotional expression and even spiritual bonding. Playtime is more than just fun and games—it's a pathway to understanding, growth and joy.

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