Travel with a Purpose Photos

"On Dominica, Becky, Jennifer, Bob & I loved having the opportunity to paint Miss Ann's living room. The colors were as bright & beautiful as Miss Ann herself!" – Lori

“What a privilege to serve such incredible people; joyous and grateful in such humble and simple circumstances." – Jennifer

“Though my work as an engineer is very engaging mentally, it can create a stagnant environment with limited connection to other people. These trips allow me to use my hands to meet physical needs for the people of the Caribbean Islands; opening the door to share the gospel. I love these trips.” – Steve

“Sunday worship on the beach with pastor John Smith and Shepherd’s Fold Community Church was incredible. Just feet from the Caribbean Sea, how could it not be so?” – Beth

Agness is blind and needed some help with home repairs. “We went to bless Agness, but she ended up blessing us in return.” – Steve

"Giving this home on St. Maarten a fresh coat of paint gave the sweet homeowner such joy. We take for granted doing work projects around the house, but when you're on a mission cruise and working together for the Lord, it takes it to a whole new level." – Lori

“Several student leaders from the Christian student organization on campus joined us for lunch after an encouraging time of sharing and prayer. Here students hold a drawing created during our first teaching session on The Universal Language of God’s Love.” – Beth

“They treated us like family. Love and gratitude that was given to our team was very humbling and amazing.” – Michele

"It was physically exhausting, but there was also fun mixed in to help tear down this water damaged building at this church. Knowing that they soon would rebuild something new, made me feel blessed to participate.” – Becky

“In the midst of life’s storms, God’s glory shines through.” [Photo taken on Martinique]