Building a Legacy


Pursue Life Adult Ministry, a ministry of ABCS, provides hope and care to aging adults by guiding them to live in the fullness of God’s promises in every season of life. This work is accomplished by providing support, creating community, sharing purpose and building a personal legacy. Pursue Life seeks to bridge the gap between adults in need and those willing to be used by God to help. This year, one focus for Pursue Life Adult Ministry was to provide opportunities to help individuals cultivate their legacy.

Make-a-Will Month

Sometimes the thought of legacy feels like something to work on far in the future. But we believe that leaving a legacy begins now while you are able to invest in others. Every year, National Make-a-Will Month is in August. Pursue Life Adult Ministry used the time to spread awareness about the importance of having a plan in place for the future. The focus of the campaign was to share the benefits of creating a will and to connect with people to help them get started.

A will allows people to steward all the blessings God has given and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved ones will be taken care of at the end of their life. While it can be hard to think through these details, it is a gift to be prepared for both the individual and their loved ones. Pursue Life Adult Ministry offers opportunities and resources all year long to help individuals and their families prepare for life’s transitions.

Legacy Grand-parenting Summit

In October, Pursue Life Adult Ministry hosted a simulcast of the Legacy Grand-parenting Summit in partnership with Sun Lakes Community Church. The event was a success with people in attendance from three different churches. This special all-day Summit was designed to inspire, equip and encourage grandparents to make a lasting impact on their families. All the event attendees heard from a lineup of worship leaders and speakers and had the chance to connect with like-minded grandparents who share their passion for following Christ. There were fruitful table discussions about the sessions.

The Summit’s goal is to nourish the spiritual journey of each participant and inspire people to leave a profound legacy for generations to come. The simulcast concluded with a time of reflection and creating a plan of action to work towards a goal that was inspired by what they learned that day. This conference is part of a movement that’s catching on across the nation to raise up intentional Christian grandparents. We hope to continue participating in years to come to equip Christian grandparents across Arizona.