An Incredible Journey

Meet Barbie

Barbie Nelson is a dedicated volunteer at New Life Pregnancy Center (NLPC). Her life is a great example of one filled with purpose and faith.
Both NLPC and Pursue Life Adult Ministry (PLM) are programs of Arizona Baptist Children’s Services & Family Ministries (ABCS), where Barbie has found her calling to serve and minister to others.

Born and raised on a farm in Kansas, Barbie’s early years were shaped by hard work and strong Christian values. She spent 38 years in Kansas, raising her family and working for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Barbie shared a beautiful 51-year marriage with her high school sweetheart, Henry, until his passing. Henry worked as an electrician. When he found a job in Arizona, they packed up the family and moved. Barbie transitioned through several small jobs before finding her niche as a medical coder for HonorHealth.

Barbie has been an active member of Freeway Baptist Church for the past decade. There, she wears many hats: teaching 3rd and 4th-grade Sunday School, leading grief support groups and singing in the choir.

The Beginning of an Adventure

Her journey with NLPC began when her best friend Debbie invited her to her church luncheon. At the luncheon, Barbie learned about NLPC and felt a call to support the pro-life mission. Barbie signed up to volunteer alongside Debbie, marking the beginning of her experience.

For the past three years, Barbie has poured her heart into her volunteer work at NLPC. She teaches Bible study, manages the computer systems (a task many avoid) and provides diapers, wipes and baby clothes to those in need. Barbie’s love for the girls in her Bible study is clear. She cherishes the opportunity to share Jesus with everyone she meets, driven by her belief that everyone is called to spread the gospel of hope.

“I have a big mouth and He’s given me boldness to not be afraid to talk to anyone,” she laughs. Her courage has led to many transformative moments, such as when two preteens accepted Jesus as their Savior during one of the classes she led. Outside of her work at the pregnancy center, Barbie is starting a new discipleship program with two ladies from her church.

This adds to her already impressive ministry, which includes a family Bible study on Saturdays. What began as a Zoom call with her granddaughter and daughters has grown into a larger gathering. Now it includes her granddaughter’s husband and
another grandchild.

The group studies the Bible and follows a discipleship program. Over time this has fostered a strong spiritual bond within her family. Barbie Nelson’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact one dedicated individual can have on their community and loved ones. Her unwavering commitment to service and her fearless proclamation of her faith inspire us all to live out our calling with dedication.