First Steps: A Blossoming Journey


Jean Olenick’s story begins with a simple invitation from her neighbor to attend Sun Lakes Community Church. Jean was also told about an upcoming Pursue Life Adult Ministry (PLM) workshop, Project Ready or Not, hosted by the church. For years, Jean had been on a quest to find a community where she could truly serve. When she attended the service, she instantly felt at home. The church service coupled with the workshop set a transformative course for Jean.

After the first workshop session, Jean realized she hadn’t taken any steps to prepare for life’s transitions. She wrote down all of the scriptures shared and studied them more for guidance on the best legacy steps she should take. Jean needed to create a will, make funeral plans and ensure her wishes were clear. She decided to move forward and trust in the Lord. Through the Make a Will workshop and other resources offered by PLM, Jean successfully completed every step and even left a legacy gift for her church and favorite charities.

Jean’s spiritual journey also blossomed. She became a weekly volunteer at church, tithing and contributing to missions. She also decided to get baptized and invited PLM Vice President, Mona McDonald, to be present. Jean expressed that she had never felt more alive and filled with purpose. “Since I have been going to church, I feel like I have a new life. This church is so different than any other I have tried to be a part of. It’s like being a part of a big family.” Jean’s journey has inspired her sister to attend PLM workshops. It’s a testament to how one person’s transformation can ripple through an entire family. You can learn more about Project Ready or Not by visiting